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6 丿
en:egg shell.
en:walnut shell.
housing; casing; case;
en:split housing.
en:protecting case.
shell; hard surface;
en:the earth's crust.

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    Radical : 金 Structure : Top Bottom Stroke Number : 13 1 丨 2 丨 3 丿 4 一 5 丶 6 丿 7 ㇏ 8 一 9 一 10 丨 11 丶 12 丿 13 一 Pinyin : jiàn Annotation : 1ancient bronze mirror; 2warning; object lesson; eg : zh:引以为鉴。 en:take warning from it. zh:前车之鉴。 en:warning taken from the overturned cart ahead lessons drawn from others’ mistakes. 3a surname; eg : zh:鉴明。 en:Jian Ming. 4reflect; mirror; eg : zh:水清可鉴。 en:The water is so clear that you can see your reflection in it. zh:光可鉴人。 en:(of flat surface) so shining and bright that it can serve as a looking glass. 5inspect; scrutinize; examine; eg : zh:请鉴核。 en:Please examine Please check.

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    Radical : 亻 Structure : Left Right Level : Level One Stroke Number : 9 1 丿 2 丨 3 丨 4 丿 5 ㇇ 6 ㇏ 7 丿 8 丿 9 丿 Pinyin : xiū Annotation : 1embellish; decorate; embellish decorate eg : zh:装修铺面。 en:paint and decorate the front of a shop. 2repair; mend; overhaul; repair mend overhaul eg : zh:修收音机。 en:repair a radio. zh:修桥补路。 en:repair bridges and mend roads. 3write; compile; write compile eg : zh:修县志。 en:compile the historical and other records of a county. zh:修史。 en:write history. 4study; cultivate; study cultivate eg : zh:自修。 en:study by oneself. zh:进修。 en:engage in advanced studies. 5build; construct; build construct eg : zh:修渠。 en:dig irrigation ditches. zh:修电站。 en:build a power station. 6trim; prune; trim prune eg : zh:修指甲。 en:trim [manicure] one’s fingernails. zh:修树枝。 en:prune away [off, down] branches. 7long; tall and slender; long eg : zh:修龄。 en:long life old age. zh:茂林修竹。 en:dense forests and tall bamboos. 8revisionism; revisionism Synonym : 建 筑

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    Radical : 辶 Structure : Left Bottom Stroke Number : 6 1 一 2 丿 3 丶 4 丶 5 ㇋ 6 ㇏ Pinyin : dá Annotation : 1extend; eg : zh:这是开往上海的直达火车。 en:This is a through train to Shanghai. zh:公路四通八达。 en:Highways radiate in all directions. 2reach; attain; amount to; eg : zh:欲速则不达。 en:The more you hurry, the less progress you are likely to make More haste, less speed. zh:不达目的,决不罢休。 en:refuse to give up before the aim is achieved. 3understand thoroughly; eg : zh:通情达理。 en:be understanding and reasonable be sensible. zh:通权达变。 en:able to adapt oneslf to circumstances. 4express; communicate; eg : zh:词不达意。 en:The words fail to convey the idea. zh:传达命令。 en:transmit an order. 5eminent; distinguished; eg : zh:达官。 en:ranking official. 6a surname; eg : zh:达云。 en:Da Yun.

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